“Djido” from Serbia wins the contest “Sudmaliņas”

On Sunday, July 14, the IX International Folk Dance Festival “Sudmaliņas” ended with a colourful parade and a concert in Liepāja, gathering around 500 dancers from eleven countries. The folklore ensemble “Djido” from Serbia was announced as the winner of the Festival Contest.

It was the second time, when the eventful programme of “Sudmaliņas” was complemented by a contest for dance groups. Altogether 14 ensembles fought for award-winning places with prize money totalling EUR 4000. The international jury decided to give the first place to the folklore ensemble “Djido” from Bogatic, Serbia, artistic director – Milos Simic. The second place was awarded twice - to the folk dance ensemble “Daiļrade” of Riga Culture and Folk Art Centre “Mazā Ģilde” lead by Iveta Pētersone-Lazdāne and dance ensemble “Dywotsvit” from Ukraine, artistic directors - Yuri Skobel and Vasily Sheremeta.

Three dance groups took the third place: Riga Technical University folk dance ensemble "Vektors", artistic director Dagmāra Bārbale, folk dance ensemble of the Austral University of Chile, artistic director Julio Mariangel Toledo, as well as dancers from Russia – folk dance ensemble “Podmoskovnie Vechera”, artistic director Vera Iskhakova.

According to Rita Spalva, the chair of the jury, “the ensemble “Djido” convinced us with its professionality, ability to manage different rhythms and tempos, and physical endurance. They were able to excite the whole audience. Another plus for the “Djido” performance was the live music on stage.”

Milos Simic, the artistic director of the folklore ensemble “Djido” admitted that the ensemble was ready to win, and to his mind the jury was won over by their distinctive folk costumes, dances, and tumbling energy, which was expressed by active exclamations. “Serbia is a small country with many regions, and each of them has different folk costumes, music and dances. In the eight minutes of our performance we demonstrated dances of two different regions of Serbia,” said Mr. Simic.

The special award of Liepāja city was granted to two dance groups: Kyrenia Youth Centre Folk Dance Group from Cyprus and Song and Dance Ensemble “Krakus” of Cracow University of Science and Technology from Poland.

The IX International Folk Dance Festival “Sudmaliņas” was held from July 9 to 14 in Rīga, Kuldīga, Sigulda and Liepāja. On open-air stages, bridges, in parks, squares, during the dance night and traditional charity concerts, the audience was delighted by the following participants: folk dance ensemble “Chavdar” (Bulgaria), folk dance ensemble of the Austral University of Chile, folk dance ensemble of Sahashra Performing Arts Centre (India), Jakarta folk dance ensemble “Nona Asri Indonesia”  (Indonesia), Tallinn Hobby Centre “Kullo” folk dance ensemble “Sõleke” (Estonia), Kyrenia Youth Centre folk dance group (Cyprus), folk dance ensemble “Podmoskovnie Vechera” (Russia), song and dance ensemble “Krakus” of Cracow University of Science and Technology (Poland), folklore ensemble “Djido” (Serbia), dance ensemble “Dywotsvit” (Ukraine). Folk dance groups from Latvia: folk dance ensemble “Daiļrade” of Riga Culture and Folk Art Centre “Mazā Ģilde” , middle-aged folk dance ensemble "Dziga" of Rēzekne City Municipal Agency “Rēzekne Culture and Tourism Centre”, folk dance Ensemble “Venta” of Kuldīga District Municipality Agency “Kuldīga Culture Centre”, Riga Technical University folk dance ensemble "Vektors", ethno company "Zeidi", senior folk dance ensemble "Ziemeļblāzma" of Culture Palace "Ziemeļblāzma" of the Association of Riga City Council Culture Institutions,  and middle-aged folk dance ensemble “Sidrabi”. 

IX Folk Dance Festival “Sudmaiņas” was organised by the Latvian National Centre for Culture in cooperation with municipalities of Kuldīga district, Liepāja city, Rīga city, and Sigulda district.

The International Folk Dance Festival “Sudmaliņas”, which is the most extensive festival in stage dance in Latvia, aims at bringing together dancers from Latvia and different countries of the world, who would creatively explore, get to know and inherit folk dance traditions. The Festival “Sudmaliņas” has been taking place since 1992. The author of the idea is Mrs. Ingrīda Edīte Saulīte, the Honorary Chief Group Leader of the Dance Celebration and a choreographer. The festival has gained traditional stability and received high evaluation from our foreign guests, Latvian dancers, the audience and the critics.


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