Dance ensemble DYWOTSVIT (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Artistic directors: Yuri Skobel, Vasily Sheremeta

The dance ensemble "Dywotsvit " was established at the Institute of Arts of the V. Stefanik Carpathian National University in 2004. The founders and artistic leaders of the ensemble are the teachers of the Department of Theatre and choreographic art, Vasily Sheremeta and Yuri Skobel.

Dance ensemble "Dywotsvit" stands out among other dance groups primarily because of diversity of its repertoire and high level of artistry that unfolds in dances based on heritage of the world of classical ballet and contemporary dance forms. However, the traditions of Ukrainian dances have the most important role in the repertoire of the ensemble.

During its existence, the ensemble has participated in many competitions and festivals both in Ukraine and abroad – in Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Monaco etc.