Folklore ensemble DJIDO (Bogatic)

Artistic director: Milos Simic

The Folklore Ensemble "Djido" which is named after a book by Janko Veselinovic with the same title, was established in 1995, and consists of about 300 members of different ages and occupations. The main aim of "Djido" is to keep dances, songs, costumes and customs from falling into oblivion. The repertoire of "Djido" is rich and various, and made up of choreographies mostly by the renowned choreographer Branko Markovic, but also by Dobrivoje Putnik, Dragomir Vukovica and Bora Talevski. The ensemble has represented Serbia at numerous International folklore festivals in Spain, Italy, France, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, China and Denmark. The Ensemble also includes a folk orchestra consisting of excellent musicians and music teachers. The conductor of the orchestra is Zoran Puzic, but the artistic director of the folklore ensemble is Milos Simic.