Song and Dance Ensemble KRAKUS of Cracow University of Science and Technology

Artistic director: Maciej Jędrzejek

The oldest Polish student folklore ensemble “Krakus” was established at the AGH University of Science and Technology in 1949. Nowadays, among the members of “Krakus” are students of different universities of Cracow, who love folk dance and music that can be expressed in one of the three groups: ballet, choir and orchestra. The ensemble performs original and authentic Polish folk dances, which are artistically transformed and adapted to the stage. During 70 years of its existence, “Krakus” has given about 4700 concerts in Poland and abroad, and its programmes have been enthusiastically received not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa, North and South America. During this time, the Ensemble has gone on more than 170 concert tours; moreover, the Ensemble has received numerous awards both at Polish and international festivals.

The dances and songs accompanied by gorgeous folk costumes of different regions demonstrate the richness of traditional culture, and beauty and variety of the regions of Poland.