Folk Dance Ensemble DAIĻRADE

Artistic director: Iveta Pētersone-Lazdāne

“Daiļrade”, the folk dance ensemble of Riga Culture and Folk Art Centre "Mazā Ģilde", was established on 14 November 1990. As of its foundation up till the end of 2011 it was led by Silva Štelfa. From 2012, the ensemble is being directed by Iveta Pētersone-Lazdāne, the chief group leader of the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration and a Latvian dance mentor.

Accomplishments of the ensemble have been highly recognised on a national level in contests and dance displays, also it is the Grand Award Winner of the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration (2018) of the Latvian Centenary.

“Daiļrade” has represented Latvia in many high-level events abroad, such as the reception during the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2015 in Berlin, Germany, and the presentation of our national culture and tourism in Beijing, China.