Middle-Aged Folk Dance Ensemble SIDRABI

Artistic Director: Inga Liepa

The folk ensemble “Sidrabi” was established in autumn of 2013 and already in spring of 2014 participated in the Riga City folk dance show. Since the ensemble originated as a group of enthusiasts and dance friends, accordingly, in summer 2014 a union “Middle-Aged Folk Dance Ensemble Sidrabi” was formed, which still is the official representative of the group.

“Sidrabi” participates in Riga City folk dance shows on a regular basis, and since 2015 they have received the highest degree of evaluation.

The ensemble has been succesful at combining coincidence of circumstances with the hard work of rehearsing to fulfil their dreams and aspire for their goals – to dance for their own pleasure, show the audience the rich traditions of Latvians folk dance, adorn themselves and be proud of our beautiful national costumes. Our aim is to dance for true pleasure for ourselves and our audience.