Folk Dance Ensemble VEKTORS

Artistic director: Dagmāra Bārbale

History of the Riga Technical University Folk Dance Ensemble "Vektors" dates back to 1958, and it has been one of the leading ensembles throughout all these 60 years. As time went by, "Vektors" developed its peculiar stage dance manner, stemming from the Latvian folk dance traditions. For 55 years the head of the ensemble was Uldis Šteins, a choreographer, the honorary group leader of the Song and Dance Celebration, a bearer of the Order of the Three Stars. Since 2015, the head of the ensemble is Dagmāra Bārbale, the chief group leader of the Dance Festival. The ensemble repetitors – Aleksandrs Kolbins and Diāna Rutks arī Rutkis.

Over these 60 years, the folk dance ensemble "Vektors" has delighted thousands of spectators, danced in around 2600 concerts in 140 Latvian cities, towns and villages, went on 52 trips abroad to 29 countries worldwide.