Opening concert “Beyond Nine Seas, Beyond Nine Hills” | RIGA

Place: Dzeguzkalns open-air stage, Dzegužu iela 11, Kurzemes rajons, Riga

Time: 20:00

Date: July 10

At the opening concert in Riga on Wednesday, July 10, we will be seeing dancers, as it has been frequently mentioned in folk tales, coming from thrice-nine lands, over thrice-nine seas and thrice-nine hills – from Latvia and abroad – and starting the festival “Sudmaliņas” on Dzegužkalns Open-Air Stage. At the opening of the festival, the audience will have a chance to enjoy familiar and more unusual dance steps, colourful patterns, rhythms, dancing skills and character of each dance group. Several groups will be accompanied by live bands revealing the energetic and emotional atmosphere of the dance more completely.

Artistic director of the concert – Dagmāra Bārbale

Director – Jānis Siliņš

Stage designer – Reinis Suhanovs

Producer – Asnate Siliņa

Admission to the Opening Concert and all other events of the festival “Sudmaliņas” is free.